Cefnogwn yr egwyddor na ddylai’r wladwriaeth nac unrhyw ddeilliad o’r wladwriaeth gymryd rhan mewn, nac ariannu, gweithgareddau neu arferion crefyddol, ac y dylai pob gwasanaeth a ariennir gydag arian cyhoeddus fod yn anwahaniaethol ac yn anghrefyddol. Ni ddylai credoau, syniadau, sefydliadau na phobl grefyddol feddu ar statws breintiedig sy’n eu heithrio o’r hawl i ryddid mynegiant. Heriwn fraint grefyddol, a hybwn driniaeth gyfartal mewn cyfraith a pholisi i bawb, beth bynnag a bo eu crefydd neu gredo.

We support the principle that the state or any emanation of the state shall not engage in, or fund, religious activities or practice and that all publicly-funded services should be non-discriminateory and non religious.

Religious beliefs, ideas, organisations and people should not enjoy privileged protection from the right to freedom of expression. We challenge religious privilege and promote equal treatment in law and policy of everyone regardless of religion or belief.

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See also: A Secular Wales  by Alan Rogers


2 responses to “About

  1. Hello
    I’m writing from Edinburgh . In Scotland we have some momentum going in our secular campaigning. We have about 20 colleagues who meet monthly. Last week we met up with Keith Porteus Wood to discuss our relationship with the London NSS. We would be interested in chatting with someone from your Welsh group about how you’ve organised that and the extent to which you have affiliated with the NSS. Is there a number I could call for a blether ?
    Good luck with everything and hope to talk soon
    Neil Barber

  2. Neil,
    I for one would be most interested in chatting about these issues.
    May I suggest you email me [rogers.a@btinternet.com]?
    Alan Rogers

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