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Alice Roberts and BHA complain to Michael Gove over Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s Quality Badge breaching ‘no creationism’ policy

February 4th, 2014   read more

Tony Blair’s ‘solution’ to religious conflict will simply make things worse

30 Jan 2014  Terry Sanderson writes  read more 

Edinburgh secularists challenge religious privilege in Scotland’s education system 

Thu, 16 Jan 2014    read more

Catholic Church faces questions from UN over handling  of  child abuse

Thu, 16 Jan 2014  .  .  .  read more

Unveiling of a bronze statue of Alfred Russel Wallace at London’s Natural History Museum   Watch Video

NSS welcomes LSE apology over Jesus & Mo debacle

Thu, 19 Dec 2013  Read more

CofE General Synod member Andrea Minichiello Williams urges Jamaica to keep law that criminalises homosexuality

Thu, 19 Dec 2013   Read more

Educate Together to open first UK school

Wed, 18 Dec 2013    Read more

Council of Europe under pressure to reconsider its resolution condemning male circumcision

Wed, 18 Dec 2013    Read more

Kenyan Pentecostal preachers burn HIV medication, tell sufferers that only prayer will cure them

Thur, 19 Dec 2013    Read More

Harold Egbert Camping, 92, who ‘blew the trumpet when he saw the sword coming’, is no more

Do stay out of religion, David Cameron, it’s not your job

Want some money to set up a Catholic or Muslim free school? Go and see that nice Mr Gove and he’ll tell his officials to hand over the dosh.  – Joan Smith – The Independent  Read more

Majority of Britons believe state and church should be separate

A new Yougov poll has found that the majority of people in Britain think the Church of England should be separated from the state.  The poll asked the same questions about religion as were asked in a similar poll in 1957.   Read more

Census shows Christians no longer a majority in New Zealand

The results of the New Zealand census show a similar trend to that of the rest of the developed world – with religious adherencedropping dramatically.  Read more

Official watchdog says university sex segregation plans ‘not permissible’

Exclusive: The Equality and Human Rights Commission steps into the row over controversial guidelines which said gender segregation on campus should be allowed   Read More

Scientology: church, cult or corporation?

Scientology has been officially recognised as a religion for the first time. We consider the implications   Read more

European Parliament rejects progressive sexual health report

Pressure from conservative and religious lobbyists prevails as MEPs opt to keep Brussels out of contraception and sex education debates   Read more


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